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Modballs are made in the USA using only the highest quality ingredients – including our custom chocolate blend – to deliver the cleanest energy possible. 

Everyone who has a body is an athlete. So ModBalls are for everyone. You can use ModBalls as an energy boost during the afternoon. You can use ModBalls to elevate your workout. You can also use ModBalls to boost your energy on game day. A wide range of individuals use ModBalls, including: ultra marathoners, functional fitness athletes, tennis players, dancers, swimmers, cyclists, your average gym-goer, silver sneakers, the 9-5 commuter, 5-year old rec soccer player, and everyone in between. The best part about Modballs are, they are delicious and clean! Even if you aren’t active, you can share the love of having a delicious clean treat without the guilt of high-calorie chemically enhanced foods.

Modballs are excellent during any part of your workout. However, our food chemists are currently creating a top-notch recovery product to help rebuild muscle and recover joints for the incredible workout you just completed.

Because Modballs contain the purest of ingredients with no stimulants, they can be consumed at any time of day. We recommend chasing down that delicious treat with some water to enhance the nutritional benefits and speed the breakdown of energy into your moving body.

We recommend using 1-3 ModBalls daily during exercise, competition or any time you need an energy boost.

Each body is different, that is why we recommend you test your fueling strategies before the big day. However, Modballs has been tested on the most sensitive stomachs during the most rigorous exercises-can you say: mile tempo run down a steep canyon, FRAN, hill repeats, etc. They have not only agreed well with digestion, but has even settled stomachs and given the body the fuel it NEEDS and CRAVES. 

Modballs is an excellent source of energy and nutrients to incorporate with pre-workout. Modballs have the perfect blend of ingredients and size that settle well when consuming other supplements. They will give you that extra boost of energy and help you sustain an even longer workout. Bring on the extra reps!

Modballs deliver clean, compact, and convenient energy that actually makes you healthier.  The 100-calorie size sits easy on your stomach.  You don’t feel weighed down and are ready to exercise, compete and perform.

When you take a look at your current supplement costs and the nutrients that are provided in each serving, you soon realize Modballs are as competitive as they come. In each Modball serving, you are getting every nutrient your body needs (85 to be exact) to sustain performance and finish that workout or competition.

Most protein balls made at home have 5-10 ingredients.  They may taste good, but are not designed to deliver clean, compact and convenient energy like a ModBall.  Each ModBall provides immediate energy (carbs), sustained energy (healthy fats) and time released energy (protein).  The 85 different natural ingredients in each ModBall make it very different from anything made at home.    

The energy boost from each ModBall comes from 100 calories worth of carbs, healthy fats and protein.  Because Modballs uses only the cleanest, most wholesome ingredients, your body is able to break down those nutrient-dense balls quicker and more effectively allowing your system to respond quicker and perform stronger.

Each ModBall delivers 100 calories of balanced macros from 85 different fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and chocolate.  Each ModBall contains 5mg of naturally occurring caffeine from chocolate.  The nutrition facts panel provides a list of all ingredients. 

Each Modball has only 3-4 grams of sugar which is primary from natural ingredients including fruit, honey and in-house blended chocolate. In addition, each Modball includes 2-3 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein to help balance blood sugar levels. We understand each diabetic has a unique diet in order to avoid sudden spikes or drops in blood sugar, therefore we recommend you refer to the nutrition label (LINK LABEL) to see how incorporating Modballs can meet your dietary needs. 

Modballs can be an excellent addition to your Macro counting with 9c, 6f, 3p in the PB Chocolate Modball and 8c, 7f, 3p in the Almond Coconut Modball. In addition, because Modballs contains the cleanest ingredients, you can feel good about adding a healthy treat to your diet.  

Because all 85 super ingredients are clean and nutrient-dense, Modballs are delightful for expecting and nursing mothers. In addition, all of our little ones absolutely love every opportunity they get to pop in a Modball. When considering children, it is an added bonus to have no chemical stimulants in Modballs, so the energy is delivered through natural, wholesome ingredients. However, we always recommend you consult a doctor before begining any new diets or exercise routines. 

Modballs are not Non-GMO verified, but a majority of the ingredients are non-GMO.

Modballs do not contain dairy or soy ingredients. Tree nuts, peanuts, oats and peas can be found in some Modballs. Please reference each Modball flavor’s ingredient panel for a detailed list of allergen information.  [If possible, please link ingredient label here]

Modballs contain only 7 net carbs for PB Chocolate and 5 net carbs for Coconut Almond, making it an excellent energy source for your Keto diet.

Yes! We are proud to share that Modballs are made gluten-free and can be consumed with those that are sensitive to gluten or have been diagnosed with celiac disorders. All ingredients are natural and certified gluten free. 

Modballs are an excellent addition to improve your current diet. We recommend using 1-3 ModBalls daily during exercise, competition or any time you need an energy boost. Not only will you love the taste, but results can be almost instant as your energy is prolonged.

To maximize the shelf life of Modballs, they are best stored at refrigeration temperatures. Please know, they are completely safe to eat and be stored at room temperature.  Because of the chocolate contents, it is best to avoid warmer environments.

Modballs are safe to consume for about two years after they are made. However, we recommend consuming Modballs within 3 months for the freshest and tastiest experience. 

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In the US: Within 7-10 business days.

You can report any product that arrives unsatisfactory to customer support at and they can help you resolve the issue. 

Simply contact customer support at

This is done by logging into your account at and selecting your Smart Ship order. You can modify or cancel your Smart Ship order anytime. 

Smart Ship is a convenient way to have your Modballs shipped to you automatically. You will also have the opportunity to earn ModBucks with every successful Smart Ship order. 

There are two ways to qualify for free shipping. You can either subscribe for a monthly order or purchase two or more cases.

You can reset your password by logging into your account. During log in, if you do not remember your current password, just click on the “forgot my password” link and it will walk you through resetting your password.

You can update your profile information by logging into your account and going to your profile. You will have the ability to edit your information there.

You can change your current credit card information by logging into your account anytime at 

You can earn ModBucks in two ways!  You can earn by referring new customers or by maintaining a Smart Ship order. ModBucks can be applied to any product order (excluding tax and shipping). ModBucks will expire 60 days after they are issued, so make sure you use them (max earnings of 150MB/Month or 600MB/Year). 

Your Modballs commissions will run on Saturday at midnight Eastern Time. Your commissions will be loaded into your account on the following Monday. 

As an influencer, you will be able to set up a PayQuicker account. All of your Modballs commissions will be paid to that account. You will receive a Modballs debit card for that account and you will be able to transfer your commissions to your bank account. 

Your commissions as an influencer are based on the number of customers that are ordering in your circle of influence. You will earn 10% of the product purchase price (shipping and tax not included) from all of the purchases coming from customers you have referred. Once you are qualified, you also have the opportunity to earn 10% on the purchases from customers in your second and third circles. [insert link to influencer compensation document]

Yes.  Extra shipping fees may apply.

Sign into your account, view your orders, and click on the order you want to cancel. If the order is already shipped, you can contact customer support at

The Modballs website is optimized for access on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. The order process is easy and available 24/7 on the website. 

For people who subscribe to a monthly order, shipping is free.  For all others, shipping is calculated at checkout based on the size of the order.

Sales tax is calculated based on your local rates at the shipping address you are using. 

ModBalls has a next-level affiliate program.  Our program pays influencers to create and share content about ModBalls on their social feeds and YouTube channels.  For every customer who purchases using your unique link, influencers receive 10% of that purchase price.  If these customers refer other customers, the influencer also receives 10% of their purchase price and so on.

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Yes!  We have resources available to assist you if you want to promote ModBalls at an event.

You can order 24/7 from

To contact us directly, we can be reached Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Mountain Standard Time.

For customer support inquires, you can contact a support representative by emailing

All ModBalls are made in the USA.  The company headquarters is in Highland, UT.

You can unsubscribe by signing into your account and clicking on “unsubscribe” in account settings.

Your rewards are automatically tracked and visible within your account.  When you check out, simply apply the rewards you would like to go toward your purchase price. 

When you share ModBalls with a friend, they get $10 off their first order and you get $10 credit in your ModBucks account.

Sign up as a customer at After you refer 10 people who make a purchase, you are eligible to become an influencer. Once this occurs, you will receive a link allowing you to sign up as an influencer.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your product within 30 days for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

Yes!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.

ModBalls delivers clean energy.  Unlike energy drinks that use high levels of sugar and caffeine, ModBalls delivers balanced macros – carbs, healthy fats and protein – from 85 different fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and chocolate to give you 100 calories of clean, compact, convenient energy.