ModBalls is Amazeballs for Fundraising

Our program generates more money and keeps making money long after your fundraiser ends.

Next-Gen Fundraising Program


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3X Your Fundraising

Our program does something others don’t. It generates immediate funds PLUS ongoing funds that compound over time. Because, after doorbells stop ringing, your customers keep buying and your organization keeps raising funds.

3X code-linking lets your customers share their discount code with friends. And those friends can share their discount code with their friends. It’s a fundraising multiplier that enables your boosters to keep boosting and your funds to keep growing.

Earn 30% on first-time customer sales and 10% on repeat orders, forever.

Earn 10% on all orders that your customers refer, forever.*

Earn 10% on all orders that those customers refer…forever.*

More money without more effort!

Your Group WIN$

ModBalls Clean Energy Bites can help your group exceed its fundraising expectations and achieve more of it goals.

See the math. Contact us to calculate your potential fundraiser earnings.

5 More Reasons to Love ModBalls
Next-Gen Fundraising


Orders are placed through an online shopping cart and shipped directly to your customers.


You receive a unique link and QR discount code that ties all current and future sales to your organization.


Easily share your link at the door or anywhere in the USA by email, text, social media, etc.


Your link never expires and it can be shared all year long—year after year.


Funds are deposited weekly into your group’s ModBalls account. You can withdraw your funds anytime via ModBalls debit card or direct deposit.

In comparison, other fundraisers seem old-fashioned.

Product pricing

Pricing is comparable to other top performance bars and products.

See the Math

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