Are Sports Gels Your Best Option for Sustained Energy?

Are Sports Gels Your Best Option for Sustained Energy?

Having enough energy is essential — especially for endurance athletes — but not all products marketed as sources of energy are actually beneficial. Even popular energy boosters like sports gels, also known as energy gels, have their drawbacks.

Common complaints about sports gels are that they don’t go down very well, are hard to keep down, and have an unpleasant taste. Athletes also complain that consuming energy gels before a workout often leads to emergency bathroom runs — definitely not ideal.

ModBalls: Are Sports Gels Your Best Option for Sustained Energy?

Not to mention, many athletes would love a tastier alternative for replenishing their energy during long and difficult workouts. Fortunately, there are other, better-tasting options available for clean energy to help you push through those last few miles. 

Read on to learn more about sports gels and how they’re used, along with a clean energy alternative to try instead. 

What Are Sports Gels?

Runners and triathletes commonly use sports gels to replenish carbohydrates, which helps maintain energy and blood sugar levels for improved performance. They digest quickly so they’re convenient to use, and some gels even contain extra components like electrolytes or caffeine. Sports gels also come in a wide variety of flavors. 

Generally, sports gels are made of simple sugars. Most need to be diluted in water since they’re extremely concentrated, and they work best when consumed just before or during long training sessions or runs. However, it’s important to remember that every athlete is different and that your body’s response to different types of sports gels may vary.

While they can be effective for keeping up energy during long workouts, they do have their drawbacks. For one, sports gels often leave athletes with an “off” feeling in their mouths, which makes the gels unpleasant to consume on a regular basis. They’re also notorious for not sitting well in the stomach — which isn’t an issue you want to be dealing with during a 100-mile bike ride or 26-mile run! 

ModBalls Clean Energy Bites: A Better Alternative

Fortunately, sports gels aren’t the only option available for a quick and convenient boost of sustained energy. Instead of downing a packet of gel and having to remember to dilute it properly — or risk dealing with an upset stomach at an inconvenient time — try stocking your gym bag with ModBalls instead.

ModBalls: Are Sports Gels Your Best Option for Sustained Energy?

ModBalls are clean energy bites made with whole food ingredients like nuts, seeds, fruits, and raw honey, making them a natural source of hundreds of different bioactives. Bioactives are plant-based compounds that the body recognizes and can use for energy and other health benefits, as well as potentially help prevent cancer and heart disease, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Unlike sports gels, ModBalls are packed with delicious flavor that’s bundled into bite-sized portions with a very appealing texture — so they’ll sit well in your stomach. With 85 nutrient-dense ingredients, not only do they provide clean, sustained energy, but they do it without the use of added stimulants or artificial flavors. 

Replenish Your Energy the ModBalls Way

While sports gels can provide a convenient source of energy when you’re on the go, they can also make you feel like you’re sacrificing comfort for convenience. That just isn’t a good trade, especially if the sports gels in question leave your mouth feeling weird and your stomach feeling queasy at a time when you want to be top of your game. 

Instead of settling for less-than-ideal performance products like sports gels, try the clean-energy route with ModBalls instead. Each bite modifies your chemistry to replenish your energy, keeping you at peak performance whether you’re facing a triathlon, marathon, training session, or just everyday life.
Shop ModBalls to explore our nutrient-dense energy bites.

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