Protein Energy Ball

Wildly Delicious, Crazy Healthy, Ready to Eat

  • Made with 75+ Wholefoods

    Vegan + Honey

    Fruits, Veggies, Seeds & Nuts
+ Dark Chocolate

  • Clean Energy from Healthy Macros

    Not Caffeine & Sugar

    Nutritious Alternative to Junk Food & Energy Drinks

Two Fabulous Flavors

Your Family Will Love

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  • Dairy Free

  • Soy Free

  • Gluten Free

  • HFCS Free

  • GMO Free

Nonstop Energy

Immediate & Sustained with No Spike-n-Crash

NATURAL CARBS boost energy quickly.
HEALTHY FATS fight fatigue & keep you going.
PLANT PROTEINS help you finish strong.

Do more of what you love most with the spherical miracle, ModBalls.

Our clean-energy cause is a true “Story.”

ModBalls were created by a food scientist and father named Stephen Story. He wanted his kids to have every advantage in sports and all-day tournaments without sugar and caffeine.