Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Balls: DIY or Buy

Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Balls: DIY or Buy

Vegan protein balls are a fantastic, energy-packed snack that are tasty and easy to grab on the go. Not only do they come in perfect bite-size portions, but they’re also relatively easy to make and customize to your own tastes and nutrition needs.

ModBalls: Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Balls: DIY or Buy

However, there are some disadvantages to making your own vegan protein balls — not least of which is that making batch after batch can be quite time consuming. And if you want your protein ball recipe to be quick, easy, and affordable, there’s only so much nutritional value you can personally pack into the final product. 

Read on to learn how to make your own vegan protein balls and where to get a nutritious (and delicious) premade alternative. 

How to Make Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Balls

If you decide to make your own vegan protein balls, you only need a few simple ingredients:

  • Oats or another whole grain
  • Nut butter
  • Liquid sweetener (e.g., honey or maple syrup)
  • Vegan protein powder

These main ingredients are the core of a protein ball; they’re the main substance that holds it all together. Beyond these main ingredients, you can add other things to suit your taste and goals. These might include dried fruit, dark vegan chocolate, chia seeds, coconut shreds, etc.

Start by combining the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. For best results, mix the dry ingredients together first, then add the liquid sweetener and nut butter, and finish by folding in any bulky add-ins such as fruit or chocolate.  Once all ingredients are well-combined, roll small portions of the dough into ball shapes and chill until firm. It’s that simple! 

After the vegan protein balls are firm, they’re ready to be enjoyed cold or at room temperature. You can also freeze some or all of the batch to eat later. 

Disadvantages of DIY Protein Balls

While homemade vegan protein balls are simple to make, they do have their disadvantages. Because you roll and shape them yourself, it’s difficult to keep them to a consistent calorie or macro count, making it difficult to measure the nutritional value of each serving. 

And let’s be real: Even though this is a simple recipe, if you regularly make yourself batches of vegan protein balls, that’s a lot of time spent mixing and rolling dough that you could spend doing other things. They’re not ready immediately, and if you don’t plan in regular time to prepare them, you’ll be left without a much-needed snack.

Protein balls are an on-the-go snack. They’re perfect for everyone, but mainly for busy people — people who don’t have time to spend hours prepping snacks. The moms in our lives have told us: They love protein balls for their convenience and health benefits, but they’d love never to have to make them again!

For them, trustworthy, premade vegan protein balls would be a game changer — and that’s where ModBalls come in. They combine the resources and science that you just don’t have time for into energy bites that you can trust to keep you fueled.

Don’t Try This at Home

ModBalls are clean energy bites that contain all three macros — protein, carbs, and fats — in every mouthful. Unlike homemade vegan protein balls, ModBalls are packed with 85 whole food ingredients, including fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and chocolate. Just imagine trying to make your own 85-ingredient vegan protein balls! (Hint: It’d be near impossible.)

ModBalls: Quick & Easy Vegan Protein Balls: DIY or Buy

Choose from two delicious flavor profiles:

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate: featuring creamy peanut butter, premium (85% cacao) dark chocolate, pistachio, dried cranberries, and more
  • Almond Coconut Chocolate: featuring coconut, MCT oil, dry-roasted California almonds, sea salt, premium (85% cacao) dark chocolate, and more

Additionally, ModBalls are precisely measured in 20-gram bites with 100 calories each — no more guesswork. That means when you unwrap a ModBall and pop it in your mouth, you know exactly what you’re getting in both flavor and nutrition. No more mixing ingredients in bowls, tallying ingredients into MyFitnessPal, covering your counter in wax paper and trying to make sure that you’re measuring out exactly 24 same-size balls on an already-sticky scale.

Add that to convenient packaging and absolutely no prep time, and ModBalls are definitely a win-win option. 

Your New Favorite Vegan Protein Balls

DIY vegan protein balls are good, and many swear by them. However, for many of us, the time and effort spent making a DIY ball places a heavy toll on our already busy schedules. A trustworthy, clean ball that’s packed with perfectly balanced macros — and that consistently holds together and (consistently) tastes really, really good? Well, that’d be a godsend. 

Luckily for you, that’s just what we’ve made. 

What are you waiting for? Shop ModBalls to explore our nutrient-dense energy bites.

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